Letterpress Work at L’Automática, Barcelona

Letterpress Work at L’Automática, BCN.


Various self-initiated projects.

A postcard for any occasion, a memento based on my time spent in Barcelona and business cards.

In October 2012, I organised a letterpress workshop in Barcelona for Ravensbourne graphic design students to L’Automática. Run by a colleague of mine from when I was working in Barcelona in 2009, the collective gave us the opportunity to experiment with using lead type as our university was entirely digital and thus had no access to these kind of facilities on campus.

With a brief based upon “the significance of the postcard” set, we divided ourselves into teams of 3. Our concept focussed on a universal postcard, one which could be sent from anywhere. The designs (on the right) allow the sender to draw their own picture of the holiday location, inviting expressions of their own creativity and experimentation.

I returned in the summer of 2013 to work for a 5-week period, apprenticing at the workshop, learning how to set type and how to design using traditional methods, along with use of the Offset printer. The A5 memento on the top left was designed using a photo polymer from a found photograph. I also had the opportunity to design my own business cards, which I created with a more simple and classic design in mind.

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