Bossa Nova & Jazz

Bossa Nova & Jazz


Designer as Author. We had to extensively research and show critical debate on a subject of interest or importance which directly affects the design development.


A 16-page concertina fold looking at the symbiotic relationship between Bossa Nova & Jazz and its correlation to major political events in Brazil and the USA. I wanted to create an information design piece that showed the correlation between the two genres; how political events corresponded or influenced the music of the period (from 1952 to 1968). With this relationship between the USA and Brazil as the backdrop, it enabled me to showcase a timeline of events, separating political occurrences and musical performances made by both American artists in Brazil and Brazilian artists in the USA.

The piece aimed to engage both those new to either genres and those familiar, encouraging the audience to form suppositions or ideas surrounding what had been the catalysts for the popularity and ultimate demise and censorship of the Bossa Nova genre.

The design is a 10” Vinyl concertina with a timeline on one side featuring this political and musical US/Brazil relationship, whilst the other side features a more in-depth piece about the background for the how the two countries became so culturally and politically linked. The reverse also featured images from the period and an extract from Jazz Magazine “Downbeat”, discussing the perception of Bossa Nova for Americans when it first arrived in the early 1960s.

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